compagnie de californie origine

A Bit of History

Compagnie de Californie is a French brand created in 1983, by designers moved by California life style. Inspired by LA, 80’s unique atmosphere where city life infused by the sea and the sun gave its citizens, a unique cool state of mind and way of living. Venice beach was then becoming the home of an amazing mix of cultures. Surf, skateboards and street lifestyles were coexisting, and at the same time, in the Valley an entire generation of new tech startups was rising.

The founders decided to bring that laidback way of living in France and gave birth to one of the first California inspired French lifestyle brand called Compagnie de Californie.
A collective of authentic and good-hearted people with a pioneering vision:
To design an entire new generation of cocooning stylished essentials pieces made of very good cotton fleece initially used in sports, to keep a feeling of freedom while wearing clothes for an everyday usage. Compagnie de Californie logo and pattern were inspired by a mix of Originals vintage graphics Venice beach life and famous California universities branding and outfits. The Diego pants became iconic. This new effortless chic style and heritage immediately seduced all generations, men, women and kids, and the word to mouth spread out immediatly. The brand took off successfully.

In 2000, surfing on their success, the founders decided to pursue other dreams in the US while keeping the brand safe, waiting for the right time to come back.

In 2016, the founder was then challenged by Colette, mythic Parisian temple of Fashion concept store to manufacture an exclusive production for its 20th anniversary. The brand was re-opening doors.

In 2018, Compagnie de Californie is celebrating its 35th anniversary and foreseeing the future, with its 3 Parisian stores and partners in France, the collective strives now to offer our nostalgic buyers, collections with our Californian vintage lifestyle heritage and originals designs but also embracing the new generations digital cultures, influences and lifestyles.