COMPAGNIE DE CALIFORNIE : French California Lifestyle Fashion brand #easylife


Our Philosophy

We are a collective of California and LA Lovers, from Paris France, rocked by its inspiring and energizing cities and Venice beach life. « Compagnie de Californie » celebrates its authentic laidback lifestyle and up lifted mood. As an almost ideal social and eco system, imbued by values such as diversity, freedom, peace of mind, land of all possibilities, California has spread out the seeds of creativity worldwide by giving birth to an entire generation of cool people : out of the box thinkers, famous artists and digital entrepreneurs. Our mission is to embody that Californian easy life essence in a fashion brand. Every day, we strive to encapsulate a timeless chic heritage and signature of cocooning but stylished essentials made with best quality cotton fleece. As part of our inspirations, our collective expertly walks the line between surf, skate, street wear, and strong branding of the universities bringing them together in an iconic graphic vintage way. Focusing on comfort and freedom our cuts are inspired by a desire to move easily. Nature is our unlimited source of colors and textures inspirations. In a decade where consuming less but better is unavoidable, where happy moments are to be worshiped, we humbly design timeless essential clothes, easy to wear and match, where body and mind can reunite in harmony to carry your dreams further. This is California. #EASYLIFE.